Frequent Asked Questions

What document needed to submit scholarship form?

An applicant needs Admission letter, local Government Indegenship letter, a primary certificate, SSCE Result(s), Birth Certificate/Declaration of age and visit to fill the online application form

When is the screening Exercise usually coming up?

The screening Exercise is conducted by the Board once in every year. The Board decides when it will be suitable for many applicants from various Institutions to attend in the state Capital. The Board makes necessary arrangements for enlighten for applicants to be aware of the exercise.

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Why Screening Exercise?

This is to screen genuine applicants and makes sure fake/ghost applicants are eliminated to reduce fraud from the system.

I am under paid?

This could happen as a result of wrong information given by the applicant. The Board has power at anytime to reduce the applicants allowance if in doubt of the information given. But the Board is also ready to correct its mistakes if proper complains is given.

Can ATM Card be given by proxy?

In no circumstance will the Board deal with any applicant in proxy.

Is Scholarship a right or a privilege?

Yes, it can be a right if an applicant fulfill all the necessary conditions laid by the Board and as a privilege because the Board has the power to withdraw it without given condition.

My name is not in the payment list?

The Board has the power to decide which applicant to be paid using some qualities known to the Board.